Thursday, March 11, 2010


HEllo Im coming Back. TO go. I'm learn some new FUseki Joseki things (maybe) and Ill write posts about them (Heh)

Monday, November 3, 2008

vuihe hired nan editor

yello. ive hired an editor for my fustetr fuseki & joseki potsings. yes im folding to popular demand :[

Monday, October 27, 2008


the eocnomy is failing , times is hard. ive aded google adsense so i can afford drugs & women. im also very busy with class, but th etengen post will probably be posted this weekend. there may be JOSEKI SERIES #1 post before that, so look out!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


sup folks, today im writing about diagonal fuseki, in particular the specifc one shown above. some player may fear diagonal fuseki, but if u read ths article i hope u wont fear this one anymore! white 2 tempt black to play diagonal corner. if he play 4-4, then white may play 3-3 to give basic good opening. its a 68% winrate in my database of pro! i'll highlite basic good play of wihte, and also give a few good strategy for black.

first off, the worset strategy for black. now one may think, i have play two 4-4. i should emphasize influence. however, this is wrong attitued! diagonal fuseki makes it hard to develop framework - the focus shouold be, as far as i can tell, on breaking up baord into smaller territories & fighting. white gladly banks the profit, as black cannot reasonably expect to make much in center. since white have profit, he can happily focus on positional play using the 4-4 to prevent b from developing.

this is the variation i analyze most, and is most common in my experience (and pro db too). the direction of 10 is natural - it can be seen as move to probe b reply and restrict the top.

here is simplst answer for b, _completely absent_ from prro games, but common in ama. ive read that the top half fo board is inefficnet for black, so this may be why a pro wont play it. (a pro played move 1 once, but he tenukid from 2). note tho that whites stance is low on the right, so i doubt white has a hueg edge.

lots of player like 1 space pincer inthis shape. not common in pro game for this fuseki, but its bbeen tried. w goes for 3-3, to emphasize profit - after he has 3 solid corners, and since blacks 4-4 is in diagonal, b wont be able to synthezsize a framework. it seems a solid strategy for white.

here is pro game example. i like whjites steady development. black too is patient, it should yield a close game.

of course, to block other side is nonsjnse. the shoulder hit of 6 futilizes black.

a high pnicer is probably weaker move than low pincer, as it is similar to pervious diagrams but gote. imo, w has a very solid lead on this opening. move 12 builds the territory lead, and destroys black use of move 1

now we come to the possible best move of black. move 1, tehn 3 to emphasize teritory profit seems to be quite powerful. w is forced to take influence, but it faces a 3-3! in this sense, b plays a negative strategy, but quite effective. the top formation is conservative, but w has no way to make a similar formation on right. the diagram is from pro game- black won. my idea for white would be to play 6 at 8, in an attempt to take sente to approach bottom left or make shiamri on bottom right. i will try it as soon as b makes this play gaginst me.

another idea i like for b, is to try move 1. the above diagram id from pro. by conservatively making simple, good formation on top to carve up board is in line w/ diagonal fuseki. white played basic good direction move 2, wher eboth end up with solid shape, and black plays virtuous move of 7 - totally consistent patience. the extension 8 seem in error, as the hit of 9 very effectively crushes the white hope of develolpment. 9 thru 16, white has submitted utterly, yet he never had room for variation. b was guaranteed to end in sente, where he secured the corner of 17. the territory in black corner, comparable to bottom side for white. but, top right formation of black has great future hope, whereas 6 faces the bludgeoning reduction of black. wjhat a lovely strategy!

finally, there is super san ren sei. white patiently face it off with move 2, to slowly infringe on development hopes of black. a fuseki method to emulate, for sure!!

next update will be crushing of the fearsome tnengen, so dont change that channel!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


opk welcome to 2nd fuseki. now its my favourite strategy as hwite (for the moment). this is beter known strategy so if uve seen it before maybe u can skip this poste! but if uve never seen move 6 b4, u may say "wow, what radical play. is he crazy??"? this is prboe that allow white to play hifgh level strategy, and if b do not reply in certain wayy, it is most favorable for white (using research from pro game database). i will explain intention as i show varition;

straightaway u see here the goal of white. black push many time on top, securing a profit- but now, white may approach at 12 without being picner. white breaks the side in comfortable fashion, and the 3 stone are simply forcing moves. if white plays carefuly, they will act as a reduction played extra early. white deoes not move the stone, he only defend it when the tming is right. this sequence gives white most favoribable win % in pro record.

here we see b pincer. most greedy! but, does not the 3 stones peering down into the hoepful 'moyo' put a damper on his plan? a pincer like this is counterrpruoductive, for black is already reduce!

here is furhter flolowup for white. u may notce b only pushed twice on top - this merely give more adji to white to exploit. the move 16 applyes equally to if b push three times. its clear the pincer of 3 is completely wasted! the technique of 16 is also useful if b does not pincer, as large midldegame.

uit is however a probe. b may also reply this way. what for white?

hreere is method 1. white draw out, (a jump of 1 space is equivalent technique almost). b has many option in reply.

her eis most popular variation. strangely enoguh, w win more than 70% of time when this is followed. the 2 stone have same chilling effect as the 3 stone in pervious variation on any pincers, so b must placidly play knight move in reply.

however, it seem that pushing twice b4 keima underneath leads to b superiority. w loses almost all the games in pro records!! it seem the reducing stones may have less value than the corner here. this is useful 2 remember if u are on b side of the equation in this fuseki. that leaves two choices to avoid it for white - he may jump once instead of extend (the stone are lighter, so if b attempts to bring him down to pace, w may ignoer lightly, or play faster shape), or

there is nseen the idea of treating sholuder play as true force move. w may lightly skip out w/ shoulder paly when it is strategicaly favorable- if b spend extra move on it, w will enjoy a speedier fuseki.

anyhow, in my iopinion, it give quite a dyanmic result for white. i hope you may also find it interesting and perhaps incorporate this method into your play. the STRATEGIC series is not over; next update will cover a strong diagonal fusejki for white, that black frequently permit!! then perhaps update on defeating tengen ! hope u enjoy!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hello, im here to write about my favourite fuseki as black. Above u see it - glorious is it not?? It is simple but blak have a devious plan. Here, i'll show u!!

Here it is! W feels induced to appraoch inside the 5-3. But its his downfall!! 9 make efficiejnt mountain shape on bottom, and the pincer hurts. w cannot settle 8 without helping black more tehan he help himself! game victory!

In this variation, u see black gain a large amount of profit in the corner (w/ hane onto 4th line - a bonus!!)/. Conversely white have to make uncomfortable extension to 16 for unsatisfying settled life, and the b extension in bottom left has light, flexible shape. its up 2 u wehterh to settle it immediately, or tenuki (sometime i make big shimari in top right toward w hoshi - it has satisfying territory feel)

Here is other vairation - white play 1 to avoid dismal result of before, but settle in corner simple leave him feeling tight. now b could make shimari top right (as b4), or approach other corner, or even jump 1 space from move 2 in diagram to make powerful "tower" shape that joins all him stones. for sure, any choice b makes leaves him better off than white!

The fairey tale come to an end. In go thjeres is no magic bullet. W/ clever approach of 1, b have no choice but to take corner and allow w satisfying life shape. I like to make big shaimari in top right next! its still a nice fuseki for black i feel. but w is not unhappy neihter.

w may pincer the approach here for possibly more palatable game. b take shimari (altho flexible, the focus in this fuseki was profit anyway), and now w can choose any number of move.. is popular to extend 2 space from 1 (then b jump to corner, or double approach, to emphasize territory), also to attack on top of pincered stone - b can live immediately (for super territory!!!) or can play elsewhere. i love to make big shimari whenever i get chance :)

Anyways thats this fuseki for today. In next post i address my faovurite strategy as white. See u later!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

topics of blolg

ok right now i dont have anything i can make diagram witrh so i cant make these post now. but when my net is fix ed up at home i will make my first GO BLOG - BLOPG OF GO - GO post about my favourite openinb, and maybe cover some intresting tricks etc. staty tuned to blog of go. this gho blog is going 2 grow!!